Why is Goal Setting Important for Runners?

Have you questioned: Why is goal setting important for me? Running goals are personal commitments and should be seen as promises that you are making to yourself.

Most of us are our own worst critic. There can be unnecessary guilt and discouragement when we let ourselves down. Meeting a running goal is not only very motivating but also a great boost to your self-confidence. Your training journey will come with many good times and challenges. Self-confidence and a belief in yourself and your abilities to succeed will help to get you through the challenging times and stay on track in your program.

Why is Goal Setting Important for Everyone?

Most of us have experienced setting goals of some sort in our life that we don’t end up realizing for various reasons. It’s easy for us to blame ourselves and say things like ‘I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to the gym for more than 3 weeks’. It’s important not to do this, but rather understand that much of the reason for whether or not you succeed at a chosen goal lies in the selection process of the goal itself!

Learning how to set goals is a big part of this website because it is where it all begins for you, and getting this part right sets you up for success. As you’ll learn, it’s important to set both short and long term goals. So why is goal setting important? Well, basically setting and achieving the right short term goals gives you a clear destination. They are encouraging, motivating and positive signs of forward progress towards your longer term goals.

It's also important to recognize that not meeting a goal is always a very valuable learning experience as well as an opportunity to tweak your training. Believe it or not, there is a basic formula for meeting your goals. In fact, it’s the same basic formula as the formula for all success. You need to know where you are and where you want to go! In other words, if you want to be an individual who consistently sets and meets your goals, it’s not only really important to be aware of exactly what your goals are, but also where you are in your current fitness.

Learn more about exactly how to go about setting good running goals here!

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