What is a Goal?

What is a goal? What a fantastic question. According to Diana Hunt, “Goals are dreams with deadlines”. The fact is, the definition of what a goal is can have many variations and also mean different things to different people. Running goals are usually goals with a specific result attached to them.

Having said this, probably the most accurate answer to the question 'What is a goal' would be: A goal is a statement of intention regarding a specific result. For example, a runner would indicate that they plan to run the marathon in May in a time of 4 hours or less.

We went out to the running and non-running community for their best answer to the question 'What is a goal'? Here is a short list of responses to that question, submitted by individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives:

  • Good goals are not basic needs. Good goals are wants that shape your human development and force you to progress!
  • Goals are intentions.
  • Goals are any objectives that are worth working towards.
  • A goal is a purpose and everyone should have a purpose.
  • A goal is a statement of desire - desire is the key to motivation!
  • Goals should be something important to you.
  • Goals that are meaningful to you create an emotion when you think about them. This is the key to being intrinsically motivated to keep working and persist until you’ve achieved them.
  • Goals are destinations that can change with your circumstances and perspective.
  • Taking the time to properly decide and commit to your running goals is the first step in the journey towards achieving them. Tony Robbins describes the goal setting process as “…the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”
  • Committing to achieving your goal provides you with clarity, focus, purpose and a sense of fulfillment because you are taking responsibility over your life and actions.
  • Goals are intended results.
  • Goals are the achievements that make up the future you.
  • Goals are your priorities.

As a final note remember that running and training is a gift and journey in your life that will bring you to many places with unique experiences along the way. Without goals, it’s difficult to know where you’re going, how to get there and when you’ve arrived!

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