Target Heart Rate Chart

This target heart rate chart can help you to train smart by finding which zones you should be in for your runs! Based on an age-graded formula and relative >b>estimated projected maximum heart rate calculations, this chart provides you with recommended training zones for all of your runs within a well-balanced training program. Of course, you need heart rate monitoring capabilities to take advantage of this training approach.

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Find your age in the left column below and refer to the estimated maximum heart rate as well as the low and high end of each training zone.

A few notes about some of the trainig zone descriptions.

  • The easy/recovery zones are for days that follow higher intensity runs such as a race, long run or speedwork . Since the goal of this workout is recovery, it's important that the intensity is kept low to promote fresh blood flow (hyperemia) while minimizing further muscle damage. This is one of those zones that can be substituted with a day off!
  • The general aerobic zone as that zone which will constitute most of your training.
  • The steady/distance pace is typically a zone to avoid on a regular basis unless you are practicing marathon race pace. Otherwise, this zone is typically too fast for good aerobic development but too slow for effective anaerobic development. A.K.A. 'No-man's land'
  • The anaerobic zone is stimulated through the successful execution of tempo runs. This zone should not be visited frequently in training unless you are experienced to do so.
  • The Vo2 max training zone is where your heart rate should reach during speed sessions such as intervals .
***Keep in mind that this target heart rate chart is based on estimates, and nothing beats finding out what your true individual maximum heart rate is!

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