The Power of Running Music

The right running music consisting of carefully selected songs will motivate you and help improve your running cadence while your'e having fun! There is no argument that running music can conjure up feelings of nostalgia, serve to inspire, reward, energize, and motivate. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a better work out partner.

In case you haven't heard of this, there is a band called Blacklungz who specifically composed close to 1 and a half hours of running music for the TREAFLIX treadmill training videos. The album is called 'Second Wind' and there are 22 tracks that were all created between 90 and 96 beats per minute (bpm) to promote quick cadence and good running form.

They are making the digital download of the MP3s from the album available for $5! You can grab the the complete Volume here:

Music is also very much in tune with running, with it’s rhythmic tapping of the runner’s cadence and breathing at a steady beat.

Add to all of these benefits that good running music can actually be a functional training tool! Music that you both enjoy and that has a specific tempo, is a very powerful way to help improve your leg turnover speed or, your running cadence , which in turn can help lead to better running form. Without further blabber, check out the 'good' running music page for further explanation and more importantly, a sample running playlist. All of the tunes listed have been selected to fulfill the proper running cadence requirement. Each song shows it's tempo in single steps per minute(spm).

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