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Looking for running help? Whether you are completely new to running and looking to get started on the right foot, or are a more experienced runner looking for more information on a specific topic, you might find this page useful.

Below is a list of the commonly referenced web pages organized by running topics with ALL links to related web pages for your quick reference.

Many of the links below such as the training programs are free downloadable PDF documents that format and print nicely on a regular sheet of paper.

Each page will open up in a new window, so that it's easy to return back to this page at any time during navigation.

*There is also a link to the Home Page at the very bottom of every page, so navigation back to the running help page can also be achieved in this way.


Tips for Setting Goals
SMART Running Goals
Downloadable Goal Setting Worksheet


Tips for Beginners
Running Tips for All Levels
Running Form Tips
5k Running Tips
Marathon Training and Racing Tips
Tips for Preventing Injury


5K Training
5k Beginner Program
5k Intermediate Program
5k Advanced Program

10K Training
10K Beginner Program
10k Intermediate Program
10k Advanced Program

Half Marathon Training
Half Marathon Beginner Program
Half Marathon Inter/Advanced Program

Marathon Training
Marathon Beginner Program
Marathon Inter/Advanced Program


General Running Nutrition
Marathon Nutrition


P90x Calendar for Runners
Weight Training Program Calendar
Shoulders and Biceps Workout Sheet
Chest and Triceps Workout Sheet
Legs and Back Workout Sheet
Ass & Abs Workout Sheet


Target HR Chart
Pace Calculator

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