How to Increase Running Speed

Increase running speed in a variety of ways. The types of speedwork a runner chooses to execute should compliment their running goals. Why even care about increasing your running speed? There are at least 2 good reasons to be interested in running faster. First, running fast is invigorating and fun! Second, it typically helps to increase running speed in order to meet running goals that have a time attached to them. For example, there may be a big difference for an individual to set the goal of simply completing a half marathon versus completing one in under 2 hours.

Speed work outs are the quality ingredient in your training program that, when done right, can yield BIG results. So, check out the following pages of speedwork that you’ll find in any good training program: track Workouts or 'intervals', hill workouts , fartlek workouts and tempo runs . **Check out the following page on lactate training for some more in-depth description about this kind of workout.

If you're new to any of these workouts, it's important to take the time to read through the description of each page of speed work to truly gain an understanding of each session's purpose along with the tips for effectively executing them. If you can understand what specific benefit each type of speed work out provides for you, for example to boost your vo2 max levels , you’ll be much less vulnerable to letting other commitments or excuses get in the way of your run!

It's important to highlight that if you are building your own training program, careful consideration should be given to the frequency, volume and placement of any speed work day so that you achieve adequate recovery and rebuilding time.

TIP: If you had to pick only one from the list of speedwork, the best bang for your training buck, regardless of your running goal distance, is performing hill repeats . Hills are arguably often the secret weapon of the novice and elite runners alike especially if you're looking to increase your Vo2 max levels and increase your running speed in a short period of time. If you are new to running hills, expect to experience some quantum leaps in your running performance!

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