Glorious Hill Training

Hill training should be a regular part of any good running training program for runners of any level! Yes, when it comes to the best all around workout to develop speed , strength, aerobic capacity, Vo2 max , and encourage good running form ...and let's not forget mental toughness, very few other running workouts come close to providing the same training benefits as hill workouts . In addition to working several body systems simultaneously, another bonus of hill training is the relatively low impact. Assuming the recovery is a downhill walk or very light jog that doesn’t involve abrupt braking and heel striking, hills are indeed one of the most effective running workouts that you can spend your time on. Doing hills barefoot or with minimalist shoes can even help develop your arches if you have vary flat feet causing


How hills can encourage proper running form

Hill repeats also encourage good running form as you would be hard pressed to heel strike going up hill (try it). Of course, like any other speed workout, hill training is considered hard or intense training that demands adequate recovery so it must be placed properly within your training program. Also, if possible, you should always consider mixing up the hills that you do your repeats on. One week run a hill that is longer with a gradual incline and another run a shorter but steeper hill.

Hills come in many forms, each with it's own dynamics and challenges. For this reason, strive to change the location of your hill workouts wherever possible, to mix things up and therefore get a variety of training benefits. I do feel for you folks who live in the Canadian prairies, but you can always do your hill repeats on stairs or a treadmill!

Check out the hill workouts page for more specifics on the various types of hill repeats you can incorporate into your training.

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