Good Running Music

Good running music can be much more than a pumping beat or trip down memory lane. But wait a minute...'good running music'? With such a subjective topic, who could possibly be the judge of what constitutes good running music? While one runner gets pumped up by a Prince tune another is motivated by Elvis and yet another by Metallica.

Here is the answer. Good running music not only provides inspiration, energy and motivation, it can also be an effective training tool to help you with your running form! As you might know, your running cadence , or leg turnover rate is closely related to correct running form. You always want to aim for a cadence of at least 180 steps per minute or 90 steps per minute each foot. Your right foot for example, should be hitting the ground with the beat of the music. If you load your Mp3 player with songs that are between 87 and 94 bpm, it’s like having a personal cadence coach along with you. By getting into the rhythm of the music, you’ll be training your legs to run at a proven effective running cadence; and you'll also have fun doing it!

One of the only albums actually specifically created as running music that I've ever heard of is by the band Blacklungz. It's an album called 'Second Wind' and it has 22 tracks of driving music that was composed as the soundtrack for the TREADFLIX treadmill training videos series.

The tunes start out at a cadence of 90 and work their way up to 96 beats per minute. So it makes for a great set list to load up on your portable device for running.

You can grab the hour and a half of music here for a super low price:

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This is a very powerful training tool that can greatly contribute to your success in meeting your running goals. For this reason, I’ve taken the time to search, review and categorize songs that have a cadence of between 180 and 190 spm (between 90 and 95 single foot steps per minute) with 87 being the minimum to strive for.

I'm a huge 80s fan so this is the first line up of tunes available. You'll also find a 70s list below with many to come through my monthly e-zines. New lists will be posted as they're ready so check back often!

*If you sign up for my monthly e-zine Keeping Pace over on the right, you will get a new playlist emailed directly to you every month along with other training goodies!

Here are the list of running tunes that are available in a free downloadable pdf format:

Good Running Music 80s List

Good Running Music 70s List

Beatles (maybe a few McCartneys ;)

*New* Running Country

Notice from the lists of songs that some start as low as a cadence of 80 single steps per minute. If you count your cadence and you are below 80, you can start with these tunes, and work your way up over the weeks. The ones marked in GREEN are right on the money at around 90 spm give or take a few steps. You can use the faster tunes as quick feet drills to see if you can keep up. So either hunt them down or grab these tunes from your personal collection and dump them on your ipod or other listening device for your future runs. If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to read the pages on correct running form and running cadence. This information will more thoroughly explain why having the right running cadence will help your running form and overall running efficiency; two big contributing factors to your long term running success!

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