Goal Setting Worksheet

Use this goal setting worksheet to set short term, program and long term running career goals! This goal setting worksheet is a tool that you can use to craft your running goals for the entire year since the first key step to moving towards your running goals, is writing them down!

Download and print as many copies as you need of the worksheet below to utilize at any time for your various running, and non-running, goals.

You'll see that there is an example of goals written correctly for each section as a guide. Once you use the worksheet a few times, you'll find that you can write good goals on your own in a snap!

In addition to writing them down, I recommend transferring your goals from the sheet onto a printed training program calendar or other more private but still obvious place that you tend to refer to every day such as a day planner. The key is to make your goals visible to you so that everyday you can reaffirm what it is that you want and remind yourself why you are making sacrifices to achieve them.

Here is the downloadable pdf version of the goal setting worksheet.  I hope it helps!

For more tips on how to properly write running goals be sure to check out the pages on setting SMART goals and example of goals.

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