Free Weight Training Program

Follow this free weight training program in your off-season from running to rebuild and strengthen your body from head to toe.

As a runner with goals, it's critical to your success to follow a structured program to make sure that you have a good balance of hard and easy runs to create the right training effect. An important part of following your program includes keeping a diary of how fast, how hard or how far you've gone for each run. You might even record how you felt, what the weather was like and which shoes you wore. These details can be easily kept in a simple running log or right on the training calendar that you are following throughout your program.

When it comes to weight training however there are many more details that you want to keep track of such as amount of weight used, number of repetitions per movement and even number of sets completed in any given workout.

For this reason, you'll find five tools on this page. The first is an 8 week weight training calendar to help you manage which workouts to complete on which days. Get the downloadable version here:

Free 8 Week Weight Training Program Calendar

The second set of tools is a set of workout sheets that describe each routine and provide you space to record your relevant weight training data. I regularly use both of these tools during off season training for running, but you can adapt this as you like depending on where you might be at in your training. There are many strategies and types of workouts that you can execute to keep things fresh just as long as you follow basic training principles of muscle confusion and adquate stimulus followed by adequate recovery.

Here are the 4 separate workout sheets for each of the workouts prescribed in the calendar:

Workout Tracking Sheet#1 Shoulders & Biceps
Workout Tracking Sheet#2 Chest & Triceps
Workout Tracking Sheet #3 Legs & Back
Workout Tracking Sheet #4 Ass & Abs

I suggest that you make a few copies of the tracking sheets and put everything in a booklet to keep it together or bring it with you to the gym. Remember, just because this is a free weight training program, it most certainly does not mean that it's not the real deal! I wish you good results.

If you're looking for workouts that do not necessarily require weights to perform, but rather work with your body weight, check out my strength training for runners page. There you will find a plethora of workout combinations that you can incorporate during running season into your weekly training as they are time saving and very effective!

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