Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards (Last Updated January 2018)

Are you ready to meet the Boston Marathon qualifying standards? Setting your sites to qualify for Boston is without a doubt an exciting, challenging, motivating and very rewarding running goal!

Boston is the ultimate running celebration. It is rich in history and you would be very hard-pressed to find another marathon in the world that is so embraced by the hosting city and its people. The people of Boston and all of the communities along the marathon route love this event. As anyone who has run Boston can confirm, running Boston is as close to knowing what it feels like to be a rock star as you can get!

To help you assess whether you are ready to run a qualifying marathon I’ve compiled a table with the latest Boston marathon qualifying standards for each age group and gender along with estimated prediction times. If you’re looking to run a certified marathon with the goal of qualifying, this chart will give you a good idea of about how fast you’ll need to be at the more popular shorter distance races. These times are based on Peter Reigel’s race prediction formula but they are rounded to the nearest 5 seconds. It’s important to highlight that the projections for your qualifying time are limited to the assumptions that you have undertaken the necessary endurance training to couple with your speed so that you can realize your full marathon potential to meet your time goal. Just the same, you will get a pretty realistic view of where you need to be with your running fitness in order to be poised for a good shot at a qualifying run.

If you’d like to crunch some pacing and racing details, be sure to use this pace calculator to help you out!

Notes about the 2019 Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards

In order to qualify and register for the 2019 marathon, your qualifying marathon must have been run on September 16th 2017 or after. There are a few registration twists and stricter requirements. In summary they are as follows:

  • The times displayed are absolute – 3 hours does not mean 3 hours and 59 seconds
  • The fastest times for each age group will be given priority – i.e. A 28 year old male with a time of 3:02:30 will be accepted before another male in the same age group with a time of 3:03:00

Use the Pace Calculator

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