A 5k Training Schedule for Every Level

Select a 5k training schedule to suit your needs whether you have an aggressive time goal or are simply looking to be well prepared and finish strong. Below you'll find a series of 5k training programs that are categorized as beginner, intermediate or advanced. The main difference between the 3 schedules, is the number of days commitment as well as the variety of speedwork required on a given week. If you are not sure exactly which program is best for you, have a look at the Saturday workouts on week #1. This is the 'long run' day for the 5k program (in miles). If this distance looks reasonable to you as a good starting point to grow from than this is a good indicator. Another consideration is the number of days that you are willing to run. The beginner program works well for a busy family and work life as it only demands 4 days of running/week. While 5k programs do not typically require high mileage in comparison to the average marathon training schedule, there is the requirement for higher intensity work in order to properly prepare and stimulate your Vo2 levels. Particularly for more experienced runners who have aggressive time goals.

All of the 5k schedules are 8 weeks in length. If your goal date is either closer or further away, you can either diminish middle weeks or repeat week's 4 through to 6, but try not to mess with the first 3 or last 2 weeks of the program. They are designed to slowly and safely build you up as well as wind you down for the race.

Here are the links to the free downloadable (pdf format) 5k schedules:

5k Beginner Schedule
5k Intermediate Schedule
5k Advanced Schedule

Training of course is the key to your success. You most definitely get out what you put in. However, this doesn't mean it's not easy to throw away months of dedicated training in the first minute of your race! It's very important that you take the time to think about and develop a race day strategy that's right for you.

Please take the time to read through these 5k running tips so that you can make the most of all your hard work and dedication!

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