Pick a 10k Training Schedule Right for You

Choose a 10k training schedule from the various options provided below to help you meet your next 10k time goal. The 10k is a great next step if you've only run 5ks and are looking for more. It's also a very challenging distance to race for more advanced runners due to the balance of speed and endurance. It's easy to make the miscalculating prediction that you could run a 10k in twice the time you can run your fastest 10k. 5k veterans are quickly reminded of this fact when trying to focus at kilometer 7. For this reason, it's important that a 10k schedule has a good mix of longer interval training as well as a strong endurance stimulus.

The beginner 10k schedule below could be used by a complete 10k rookie, however it is designed to build speed and some endurance. For this reason, there are some over distance runs of 8 and 9 miles required before the program end. These are important for any level of runner to be properly prepared to have a solid 10k performance! What is evidently different between the beginner 10k schedule and the other two is the absence of tempo runs .

As outlined in my tempo run page, they are both physically taxing and difficult to execute properly and so a good level of experience and awareness is important to have before tackling. The intermediate and advanced 10k schedules also have a higher frequency of running days, higher total weekly mileage as well as longer weekend runs. Use the intermediate or advanced programs if you have run at least a few 10ks before, and are looking to more aggressive time goals.

Here are the 3 levels of 10k training schedules to choose from all in downloadable pdf format. They should print out 1 week per page in a nice calendar format. ENJOY!!

• 10k Schedule - 'Beginner'

• 10k Schedule - 'Intermediate'

• 10k Schedule - 'Advanced'

All of the 10k schedules are 12 weeks in length, which is a good amount of time to provide a strong training stimulus!

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