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Welcome to Meet Your Running Goals! The mission of this site is to provide you with all the tools and motivation to help you reach the finish line feeling strong and yearning to come back for more. Whether you are just starting out and looking to move from the couch to run your first 5k race or are trying to break that 3 hour marathon barrier, we’re here to help! When it comes to meeting YOUR running goals, running training is only one part of your journey. If you take the time to explore, you’ll find that there is SO much more here to discover that can help you to become a stronger, faster and overall healthier runner.

Running is such a beautiful sport, yielding so many rewards in more ways that you can imagine. You deserve the opportunity to realize your full potential and go where you never thought you could before!

Before running training even begins, you should start with taking the time to pick the right goal for you. For many of us, deciding what it is that we really want in itself can be an arduous task. This is however time well spent since setting and working to achieve your goals is so fundamental to your happiness. Nothing is more invigorating than a pending challenge that you’ve set for yourself from the moment you decide on a goal right up to the moment you cross the finish line.

Another important part of this site is emphasis on running form. Runners of all levels tend to downplay the idea of running technique, assuming this is something that we are born with... or only of concern for the elites. You will see however, that good running form is important for everyone and it's really all about getting out of your own way, and learning to work with the laws of nature. Take a journey with me through the analysis of some running forms - good and bad. You'll be running farther and faster with less effort and your body will thank you for it!

You will also find many other tools and nuggets of information on stretching, nutrition, speedwork, running music as well as a variety of short and longer distance running training programs for both new and veteran runners.

So in this great day of information overload, I trust and hope you will find the information at meet your running goals useful, organized and easy to apply to help you reach your goals!

Get running help on a variety of topics or contact me directly.
Get running help by referencing a variety of running topics on this page or contact me directly with your running questions.
Why is goal setting important for runners?
Why is goal setting important for runners? Check out the answer here!
Simple steps to setting goals in the most efficient way.
5 simple steps to setting goals the right way the first time!
Learn how to set goals that are right for you
Learning how to set goals is often seen as a no-brainer by runners, but setting goals that are specifically tailored to you is a critical step towards success.
Goal setting strategies that really work.
Great goal setting strategies will help you pick goals that will challenge and motivate you all the way to the finish line.
A prime example of goals written the right way!
Given an example of goals written in a SMART way, anyone can quickly learn and apply the same strategy to write great goals.
Setting smart goals for running can be much easier using a prediction chart
Setting SMART goals is important to ensure that your next run is challenging yet realistc. This handy race chart guides you based on your current fitness.
A handy pace calculator to help with your running goals!
Use this pace calculator to figure out your time, distance or running pace based on past or future performances.
Great goal quotes to keep you focussed and motivated!
Reading goal quotes on a daily basis are a great way to stay motivated through your training program. Print off your favourites and post them in an obvious place!
The Boston marathon qualifying standards are more challenging than ever!
Are you ready to meet the Boston marathon qualifying standards?
The Boston marathon route offers many unforgettable memories!
Here’s a Boston marathon route description with some highlights of what you can expect along the way!
Training for Boston should reflect your marathon day goals!
Training for boston should depend on what you expect to get from your Boston experience!
Avoid these common beginner runner mistakes and get off on the right foot!
EVERYONE was a beginner runner at some point so why not learn from the mistakes of others and enjoy a long and rewarding running career!
Running tips and reminders for runners of all levels!
Check out these running tips and reminders to keep you strong, fresh and motivated all the way to the finish line of your next running goal.
The 5k distance is perfect is so many ways!
The 5k distance is very popular for a reason. Here are some great reasons to run it!
How is your running form?
Adopting good running form is the most important investment you can make if you love to run!
Run with proper running form using these quick tips!
These proper running form tips can be applied on the fly during your next run!
Running drills bring you strength, flexibility and help your running form!
Running drills yield runners a long list of benefits including improved strength, speed, balance, coordination and muscle firing.
Running cadence is one of the keys to good running form!
Running cadence is a very close relative of good running form since quick turnover means as little ground contact as possible.
Running barefoot is a time tested technique that everyone should consider.
Running barefoot comes quite natural to humans and is a very liberating experience so consider incorporating at least some barefoot running into your regular training.
Pick a running training program to suit your running goals
The right running training program will cause an adaptation to occur in your body. To do this it should challenge you to push your boundaries and directly prepare you for your specific running goals
Designing a training program can be easy and fun!
Designing a training program yourself is easy once you understand the basic formula to apply.
Heart rate running training is smart, objective and effective!
Heart rate running training might very well be the smartest and most effective thing you can do for your running progress!
Your ideal heart rate training zone depends on the goal of each workout!
Find your heart rate training zone for each type of workout by using either scientific or more crude but effective methods.
Trail running training offers much more than clean air and green sights!
Trail running training means becoming a stronger runner while experiencing nature - the perfect combination of physical, mental and spiritual stimulation.
A good runner's watch should serve multiple purposes for many years.
The ultimate runner's watch will provide functionality, reliability, simplicity, comfort and, in case you want to wear it to the office, style too!
The marathon distance has an interesting history that has come a long way!
The marathon distance is precisely 26 miles 385 yards...but it wasn't always that way!
Make your marathon rookie debut a most positive experience!
Holding the status of marathon rookie is a golden once in a lifetime opportunity to savour - it’s only the beginning of what will likely be a long and exciting journey of future distance running!
Marathon training on a treadmill provides many unexpected benefits!
Doing your marathon training on a treadmill might be something you see as a disadvantage, but there are actually many great training benefits to be had!
Long distance running training is an evolutionary wonder!
Long distance running training works thanks to 2 million years of human adaptation.
Ultra marathon training teaches you to push through physical and mental barriers
Ultra marathon training and running will bring you many unforeseen joys of self exploration and endurance adventure!
Weight training for runners of all ages, shapes and sizes!
Weight training for runners should focus on movements and weight that compliments running rather than mimicking it.
Strength training for runners should be brief, vesatile and effective!
Strength training for runners should include total body exercises that don't require weights and can be done in under 20 minutes!
Running cross training enhances recovery if you have performance goals!
Your running cross training activities should be in sync with your running goals!
Increase running speed by using a variety of speedwork in your training program.
Increase running speed in a variety of ways. The types of speedwork a runner chooses to execute should compliment their running goals.
Running pace can be dramatically improved with the right workouts.
Running pace is determined by many different factors. Learn the secret weapon to realize big improvements in pace and form!
Your vo2 max measurement can steadily improve with training
High vo2 max levels are important and an accurate indicator of your running fitness IF your focus is running well at shorter distances such as 5ks.
Employ these 5k running tips to realize your full racing potential!
Use these 5k running tips leading up to and during your next 5k race to execute the perfect race day plan and realize your full potential.
Your running fitness is a personal reflection of your goals.
Determining running fitness can be performed quite easily in a variety of ways.
Running injuries can be prevented by following a few sage tips!
Prevent running injuries with these tips so that you can continue to train uninterrupted to reach your running goals.
A running injury might test your resolve to reach your running goals!
A running injury is often a startling reminder that we are not invincible, but rather biological beings that need time to adapt and become stronger.
Shin splints can be beat if you know what you're dealing with!
Shin splints rank high among the most common running injuries particuarly for newer runners.
A hamstring injury is of little surprise for a runner!
Manage a hamstring injury with a multitude of effective strategies.
A healthy diet for runners consists of many basic and delicious foods!
A healthy diet for runners starts with the regular consumption of one of earth's most basic elements...
Complete nutrition for runners is difficult to achieve with whole foods alone.
Well balanced nutrition for runners can be viewed in two simple ways: Nutrition to sustain and nutrition to recover.
Your marathon training diet should be focussed on the right carbs!
Your marathon training diet should be focussed on consuming quality carbs at the right times!
Essential stretches for runners to achieve and maintain great flexibility
Check out these essential stretches for runners. Regular stretching protects you from injury, aids your recovery and promotes good running form.
Running for weight loss requires you to be creative and set measurable goals.
Running for weight loss can be a difficult task to stay focussed on unless you set specific and motivating goals to work towards where losing weight will be a side benefit.
Running fatigue can be beat!
Running fatigue can be caused by many preventable factors! Learn to recognize and eliminate the most common causes.
Simple motivation techniques that work!
15 motivation techniques that will keep you focussed and training towards your running goals.
Running music can motivate, inspire and help your running form!
The right running music consisting of carefully selected songs will motivate you and help you to improve your running cadence while your'e having fun.
Running quotes to make you think and keep you motivated.
Running quotes remind us that we are not alone in the joys and struggles of our great journey. Running quotes are motivating and a great way to start each day!
Get your runner's high more frequently by employing these few tips!
Experience a runner's high may differ from one runner to the next, but there are some strategies you can employ to ensure that YOU get that feeling of euphoria much more often.
Your Running Goals Blog
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Dri-fit is moisture wicking clothing that is as important to runners as shoes!
Owning dri-fit or other name brand moisture wicking clothing is <u>not</u> a luxury for runners but rather an absolute necessity!
Cold weather running gear is the key to staying outdoors this winter!
Stock up on cold weather running gear to enjoy running outside if frigid temperatures this winter!
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